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Warriors Everything

follow the Warrior code

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Here is (probably) the only WARRIORS icon community! Now recently upgraded to just a general art community. The word 'Art' can mean almost anything, (from pictures to lists of names to fanfics) so go wild.

Ah, how far we have come. Announcing now, warriorcat_icon will be a fully fledged EVERYTHING community! Authortrackers will be posted, book covers/releases will be posted, and more! You can post anything here, as long as it is Warriors related and follows the rules below. Fanfics, beta reader requests, rumors, you name it.


You've all heard these before, but lets review.

1. No stealing 'art' of any kind from another user and taking the credit. If you give their name, thats fine, but do not post other people's work as your own without their permission.
2. No Profanity (to extent. mild language like 'damn' is okay)
3. No posting art that is offensive to other people or contains inappropriate content. Regular WARRIORS style violence is still okay.
4. If you have a complaint or suggestion for another user's art, do not adress it in an imediatly rude way. (Saying 'Your picture could use some work' is okay, but 'your pic stinks and so do you' is not, nor is anything along those lines)
5. Enjoy the community!

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