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The sight icon (temp)

November 2010

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nikita: shaggie

melancholise in warriorcat_icon

more art love <3


The reason why I am posting so much Warriors art is that I promised some of my friends on dA to do three pairings - GrayxSilver, posted below, DustxFern, which I'm posting now, and GoldenxTiger, which I haven't gotten round to doing yet. :D

And since this is a Warriors community, why not post here too?

(linked to original dA submissions)

And! Last night I was bored and wanted to try my hand at anthro, so out came this, which I like despite the anatomical flaws:

:D hope you guys like!

I don't know if it's just me or has the Warriors series in general grown less engaging and awesome? I really loved the first series, Firestar's story, but somehow the second and third series don't interest me as much :/ Maybe I've outgrown it?


Your artwork is adorable, especially the Cloudtail and Brightheart anthros!

I also agree with what fernwithy said about the second and third series becoming rather dull. The Firestar-centric books seemed to have a theme more geared towards an older audience with some of the events that happened, a few of which gave me the shivers, and I began reading these books last year (am 25 this year).

I enjoyed the first two books of the New Prophecy arc, but after that, they became less interesting to me, especially with all the drama in 'Twilight' which had me rolling my eyes (then again, I'm not really a fan of Leafpool..).

I haven't even read beyond the first book in the Power of Three arc, so I can't really say anything about that one yet. My boyfriend has also read all the books, and when he was halfway through the New Prophecy arc, he said "When will this get back to Firestar's point of view? I really liked those books.". Like some of the others have said, the authors really seem to just be grasping at straws nowadays.
Thank you! :)

I agree, and I doubt the books are ever gonna go back to a Firestar-type point of view ): I wonder if they'll keep churning out books after the Power Of Three series...
You're welcome.

I dunno, Firestar's Quest was a real treat, though some of the plot in there was kind of, well, odd. It just feels like it was shoehorned in, but it was nice to have a story from his POV again.

I'm kind of curious about the new series they've started, Seekers, which is about bears instead of cats.