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The sight icon (temp)

November 2010

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nikita: shaggie

melancholise in warriorcat_icon

more art love <3


The reason why I am posting so much Warriors art is that I promised some of my friends on dA to do three pairings - GrayxSilver, posted below, DustxFern, which I'm posting now, and GoldenxTiger, which I haven't gotten round to doing yet. :D

And since this is a Warriors community, why not post here too?

(linked to original dA submissions)

And! Last night I was bored and wanted to try my hand at anthro, so out came this, which I like despite the anatomical flaws:

:D hope you guys like!

I don't know if it's just me or has the Warriors series in general grown less engaging and awesome? I really loved the first series, Firestar's story, but somehow the second and third series don't interest me as much :/ Maybe I've outgrown it?


Those are great. I love the expression on Dustpelt's face.

As an adult reader (I'm a children's librarian, so I read a lot of books in the Juvy category), I can say that it's not just a question of "outgrowing." The first series had a lot of strength to it. The second diluted its strengths, and the third? It's like they're really grasping. The first series was a hero's journey--very good, and with engaging characters surrounding a very human, if Fireheart will forgive the word, main character. It dealt well with community building and actually some very interesting and complex questions about the nature of faith. The second series was an Exodus riff, with the cats being much more worried about prophecy per se than they were in the first. Brambleclaw was still pretty strong as a character, and Crowfeather was reasonably compelling. Squirrelflight was okay. It was starting to get a little dicey. The third series is trying to do apocalypse, and it's just not working. Deliberately going the Mary Sue/Gary Stu route with the "The Three," who are so awesomely great and powerful that they overshadow such mere felines as Firestar, has been winceworthy, despite Jaypaw starting to become more interesting over the last book.
Amen to that! :D Thank you.

I think what made me fall in love with Warriors was the whole depiction of territorial, communal Clan life, the themes of loyalty, community, and yes, faith. I used to daydream about turning into a cat and running away to join a Clan, LOL. After they left the forest/Clan setting I guess I kind of lost interest.

When I read the second and third series I don't get such a kick out of them, because I'll be going "Where did all the good characters go? Bluestar would never have done that" and "What kind of a plot is this?" xD I still love Warriors, but the first series will always be the best to me. I can name every (well, almost every) minor character and plot twist of the first series, but quiz me about the later books and things get kinda hazy and messy. xD

Haha, crazy fanatics, don't flame me for this. My love for Warriors is proven by my fanart already :D
Hee, I'd just been reading them when I got a cat, and she's named Cinderpelt. :) (See icon.)
Oh, she's adorable! :D If I had a cat, I'd have named him/her in the Warriors way too. xD
very awesome n.n
Thank you! <3
Adorable! I especially like the anthros, haven't seen any Warrior anthros so far!

I agree with what Fernwithy said about the series becoming somewhat diluted. Especially PoT, and the amazing all-powerful kittens. That kind of plot might work well for younger readers, but it's not quite reaching me anymore...
Thanks ^^ Me neither, that's part of why I wanted to try drawing some.

Yes, I think maybe the focus of the books has shifted and along with it the audience too. I seem to see a lot of younger fans around now as compared to when the first series came out. xD Maybe it's just me. But then, I started reading them at nine, so I guess I was a younger fan too :D Am fifteen now.
Your artwork is adorable, especially the Cloudtail and Brightheart anthros!

I also agree with what fernwithy said about the second and third series becoming rather dull. The Firestar-centric books seemed to have a theme more geared towards an older audience with some of the events that happened, a few of which gave me the shivers, and I began reading these books last year (am 25 this year).

I enjoyed the first two books of the New Prophecy arc, but after that, they became less interesting to me, especially with all the drama in 'Twilight' which had me rolling my eyes (then again, I'm not really a fan of Leafpool..).

I haven't even read beyond the first book in the Power of Three arc, so I can't really say anything about that one yet. My boyfriend has also read all the books, and when he was halfway through the New Prophecy arc, he said "When will this get back to Firestar's point of view? I really liked those books.". Like some of the others have said, the authors really seem to just be grasping at straws nowadays.
Thank you! :)

I agree, and I doubt the books are ever gonna go back to a Firestar-type point of view ): I wonder if they'll keep churning out books after the Power Of Three series...
You're welcome.

I dunno, Firestar's Quest was a real treat, though some of the plot in there was kind of, well, odd. It just feels like it was shoehorned in, but it was nice to have a story from his POV again.

I'm kind of curious about the new series they've started, Seekers, which is about bears instead of cats.