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Nov. 13th, 2010


Fanfiction and Icons.

: Warriors
: Romance/General
Word Count: 1245
Summary:: As the five clans are healthy and growing, an evil awakens with a terrible prophecy.


Want to review?


Twenty one Warrior cat icons
Twenty-one pokemon icons.


Nov. 23rd, 2009


(no subject)

hey guys sorry to bother you but I just figured i would leak exciting news. I went to mff and during the 2 the ranting gryphon show and uncle kage show and 2 leaked there will be a warrior cats anime in roughly 2011 and he is voiceing tigerpaw :3 just thought i would tell you all n.n

Oct. 2nd, 2009



Warriors RPG

Three Clans. Under One Sky.

Meadow. Beach. Burrow. The three clans trace back to three brothers, who
sought a better life than that of a shelter cat. But while Thunderclaw,
Lightningclaw and Quakeclaw successfully started a new way of living for the
local cats, they also started strife between the clans as they fought for
territory. They were overthrown, and peace resumed amongst the clans for
many seasons.

Years later, the cats are still living in their respective territories, relatively
peaceful, relatively happy. But the seasons are growing harsher, and each clan
is suffering it's own setbacks. But the will to survive is strong, and the clan
cats will do whatever it takes to ensure that their bloodlines live on.

StarClan Willing, They Will Survive.

user posted image

x. Completely OC, no knowledge of the Warrior series required!
x. Literate/Intermediate RPG, requiring 200+ a post!
x. Join any of our three clans: Meadow, Beach and Burrow!
x. Play as many cats as you'd like, as warriors, apprentices, kits, etc!
x. Friendly community, plenty of OOC sections to post in!

Join the Warriors!

Aug. 29th, 2009

☆ haruhi | OTP ☆


(no subject)

» misc. music (FBR, other rock) « icons # 19
» misc. animanga + videogames « icons # 4, manga colorings #1
» warriors « icons #3 signatures/banners #3

all this ringing in my fingers @ chromatic_fate

Apr. 19th, 2009

Ninja Gal


(no subject)

Hi, all - just call me Ari. I don't know if this is allowed and if it isn't I'll gladly delete this, but I've seen the community used for more than just icons - and it happens to be the most active Warriors community on livejournal. I made an FST (Fan Soundtrack) for Lionblaze and Heathertail and I'd like to share it with as many fans as I could. The link is here, at my livejournal.

Again, if I can't do this please tell me and I'll delete the post. ^^;

Mar. 22nd, 2009


New Rpg site

hey well theres this cool new site. And we still need deps and med cats and tons more cats. The site is warriorsofthecode.proboards.com

Feb. 25th, 2009


I come bearing icons

I know this community isn't very active at the moment, but I thought I'd post these anyway.


Total icons: 65

> Over at my journal.

Nov. 25th, 2008



Warriors RPG site

Hey all, I'm advertising a site that my friend made. It's an RPG forum thing for warriors. It's pretty cool, please check it out


thank you!!!

Oct. 29th, 2008


new member.

Hi, my name is Jane(twoleg) but my warriors name is Tanglepath. I'm a loner at the moment. I would like to ask any or all of you to join this site, http://silverstar490.proboards80.com/index.cgi. It's a warriors role-play site, and we need more people. If you have a dA then you can find some of the users on there includeing me. I'm xtwilightbloodx on dA.


Oct. 12th, 2008

nikita: shaggie


more art love <3


The reason why I am posting so much Warriors art is that I promised some of my friends on dA to do three pairings - GrayxSilver, posted below, DustxFern, which I'm posting now, and GoldenxTiger, which I haven't gotten round to doing yet. :D

And since this is a Warriors community, why not post here too?

(linked to original dA submissions)

And! Last night I was bored and wanted to try my hand at anthro, so out came this, which I like despite the anatomical flaws:

:D hope you guys like!

I don't know if it's just me or has the Warriors series in general grown less engaging and awesome? I really loved the first series, Firestar's story, but somehow the second and third series don't interest me as much :/ Maybe I've outgrown it?

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